"Think of this as the Restoration Hardware of play couches. Perfect for design conscious parents"

What to Expect

"Flat-out gorgeous and comes in a slew of aesthetically pleasing colors, so it won't be an eyesore in your living room."

Today's Parent

"The Cushy Couch goes perfectly with any décor"

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What is a play couch? We've all seen them, we've all heard about them, but what exactly are these play furniture pieces?

Canadian made play couch company. Cushy Couch is here to help you understand what a kids play couch is and why everyone should have one in their home!

Cushy Couch is proud to be 100% Canadian made!

The Cushy Couch is manufactured right here in Canada (Calgary, AB)! Every Cushy Couch is cut, stitched, stuffed, boxed and shipped right here from this beautiful place we call home.

We use Canadian made foam and locally sourced materials for everything! From the foam to the fabric down to the thread and packing materials. If it's not made or sourced in Canada, it's not in the Cushy Couch!

By supporting Cushy Couch, you are supporting local! Our family business is proud to support our local suppliers and employ over 30 hard working Canadians!