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Who we are

Who is Cushy Couch?

We are a family owned and operated business. Our dad started an environmental product company 20+ years ago. We have extensive experience in sourcing, cutting, sewing, and manufacturing products with foam and fabric.

As you can see, we wanted a kids play couch (11 grandkids in total) as badly as the rest of you!😊 Unfortunately the options were limited soo we thought let’s make some ourselves using the materials we are already SO familiar with.

We are also interested in home design and décor and wanted to improve the colour/style options which were available and that’s how Cushy Couch came to be!

We have anywhere from 12-16 sewers working at any one time depending on the season! We have some sewers who have been working for us for 15+ years and we are lucky to have them.

Thanks again for your on going support and shopping local! We are having a blast getting Cushy Couch up and running and want to thank you all for your comments, reposts and questions! It’s been so nice meeting you ALL!

Team Cushy Couch