Burnt Oranje


All orders must be un-boxed within 30 days of delivery. If you would like your order to be opened on Christmas Day, please select 'Christmas Order' as your delivery option. This way, you will receive your CUSHY COUCH at the end of November or December and can keep it in the box until Christmas!

Burnt Oranje Cushy Couch! Made up of 4 configurative pieces. Two pieces for the base and 2 triangles on the top.

The Cushy Couch in it's 'couch' position is 33" deep, 66" long and the seat is 8.75" above the ground.

The triangles pieces are 16"x16"x16".


All of our couches are sourced and manufactured here in Canada. We have made trusted relationships with companies across Canada to ensure our product is the safest it can be. Our children and the safety of them are our most important goal. We know what each and every couch is made with and where it came from. That alone is top priority.

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