cushy couch

A kids play couch you don't have to hide when company comes over.

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Our Philosophy

Cushy Couch is a family owned business crafting up high quality play couches for kids. Proudly made in Canada. We knew from the beginning we needed colours kids would love but also colours parents would too. We know first hand that if you have a Cushy Couch in your home, you will be seeing it a lot. So, lets make that a good thing!

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Original Colours
Shop our main-stay colours. Our "Originals" collection will be Cushy Couch staples.
Expansion Kits
Every Superhero needs a Sidekick! Combine with the Cushy Couch for endless amounts of imaginitive play!
Shop our COVERS collection. You might have a Cushy Couch but its always fun to have many colours to switch out.


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