The premium kids play couch

We've all seen them, we've all heard about them, but what exactly are these play furniture pieces?
Canadian made play couch company. Cushy Couch is here to help you understand what a kids play couch is and why everyone should have one in their home!


What is a Kids Play Couch Couch?

A kids play couch is an imaginative furniture item that is specifically designed to provide a comfortable and fun play option for children, with the addition to the perfect seating arrangement. Cushy Couch is part-toy, part-furniture, and one of the most versatile toys out there!

How to use a Play Couch.

A play couch is a great way to bring an added level of fun and creativity to your child's playtime. To use a play couch, set it up in a location that is comfortable and safe for your child. Make sure the surface is flat and not slippery. Being helping and encouraging your child to use the play couch and their imagination to make forts, slides, pirate ships, cafes, the ideas are truly endless. Eventually they will be confident to build and create on their own.


Boy on Cushy Couch
You can also use the play couch to read  stories, watch movies together or take a much needed nap! Every parent to a young child knows that feeling! The ultimate goal is to have fun and keep their mind busy! Cushy Couch Instagram page is full of photos and reels of different kinds of configurations to try out.

photo: @cushycouch

What makes Cushy Couch so special?

Cushy Couch is a family run business, handmade in Calgary, AB Canada! Cushy Couch features a unique design with a wide variety of colours and shapes that can add a lively and inviting atmosphere to any room. Cushy Couch is made of a soft microsuede style material. The covers are durable yet soft to the touch, making them easy to move and re-arrange when needed.. They are perfect to both play and lounge on. Bonus: The covers machine wash!



Cushy Couch also has add on pieces, A 6 piece Expansion Kit , Pillow Packs and  our foldable mat, the Tumblr. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colours, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your child's play area.




Why is imaginative play important? 

Imagination is an important part of a child's development. Through imaginative play, children can practice and develop their problem-solving skills, creativity and communication skills. It also helps them to explore their emotions, express themselves, and connect with others. Imaginative play also encourages the development of fine motor skills and the ability to think abstractly. All of these skills can help children in the long run when they are older and must face more complex situations. Having a Cushy Couch only adds to the benefit of these points and brings a new layer of fun to it.

Cushy Couch is:

All Cushy Couch foam is Canadian made and Certi-PU-US certified. Cushy Couch is designed to hide all zippers for the cleanest look Cushy Couch is Backed by our 1 year Manufacture's Warranty You can return your Cushy Couch order within 30 days to receive a full refund. Review our Return Policy for more info.




Learn more about Cushy Couch:

For more information about Cushy Couch and our colours check out our products here. We understand the importance of engaging children's senses and motor skills from a young age. It's great to know that Cushy Couch can help promote this development by providing a colourful and comfortable environment for kids to explore. We look forward to growing our community and teaching everyone more about our products and all its benefits available.

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