Cushy Couch is a family-owned and operated business based in Canada. Our story began over 20 years ago, when our dad founded an environmental product manufacturing company in Calgary, AB. Since then, we have expanded our operations and now some of us call Surrey, BC our home.

We take great pride in our team in Calgary, who work hard to cut, sew, stuff, and box every order with care and precision. With anywhere from 10-20 sewers working at any given time, some of whom have been with us for over 15 years, we are incredibly grateful for their dedication and craftsmanship.

Our love for the idea of a kids' play couch was born out of our own experiences as parents. We were tired of picking up couch cushions from our adult couch every night after the kids went to bed. That's when we realized we should create a play couch like no other, one that mimics our "grown-up" couch: made with premium, soft, machine washable fabric that complements your home décor. Meticulously crafted by hand right here in North America.

As we approach our four-year anniversary, we are so thankful for the ongoing support of our customers and the local community. Whether you have purchased a Cushy Couch, Cushy Kit, provided amazing feedback, or simply had fun with us, we are grateful for your support. Let's keep the good times rolling together. Thank you for shopping local and choosing Cushy Couch.

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